ElizaBeth northcut Williams

Hi!  Thanks for visiting my website and taking a look at my work!  I'm an artist in the Charleston SC area, making art in my home studio on Johns Island.  

I've had this creative call in my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Louisville KY with a family full of makers and as many extracurricular art classes as I could take, led me to attend University of Evansville to receive a BFA in Painting.  From there I began teaching workshops which evolved into a steady business of commissioned work, mostly portraits.  

Having lived in the Lowcountry now for over a decade, I am still taking commissions and making a broader body of work.  Thankfully, I do all of this alongside my encouraging husband, three children, and huge labradoodle. 

As you'll see in my portfolio and recently launched online shop, there is a wide range of pieces represented here, made with a wide range of media.  Some have been commissioned, some I've made just because. But everything you'll see is inspired by relationship.  My hope as an artist is to capture the significance of the relationships we have with each other and with the places we live.  In portraits, in abstracted landscapes, in illustrations...it's all about how we connect with the people and places in our lives.

And so, naturally, I'd love to work with you!  Feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions about how we can work together!  




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